About Coloseum Club


  • Coloseum Club organizes games on gaming tables and slot machines.
  • A supervising authority officer, acting in accordance with his or her legal powers of attorney shall always be present at the Coloseum Club.
  • Before entering Coloseum Club, guests must present an identification document at the reception desk.
  • Persons in uniform may enter Coloseum Club only if performing their duty or upon approval of Coloseum Club management.
  • Only tidy and properly dressed guests will be admitted into Coloseum Club.
  • The following person will not be admitted into Coloseum Club:
        - Persons under 18
        - Persons under the influence of alcohol and other psychotropic substances
        - Persons to which entrance into the HIT casino has been temporarily or permanently prohibited

  • It is forbidden to bring pets into Coloseum Club.
  • Before entering Coloseum Club, guest can leave their outerwear in the free of charge cloakroom.
  • It is forbidden to take o photo, make a video or video call inside the Casino.
  • Bringing weapons or explosive and inflammable substances into Coloseum Club is strictly prohibited. Eventual weapons must be left in the safe at Coloseum Club cloakroom.
  • Coloseum Club guests are kindly requested to take care of their personal belongings while in the Coloseum Club as the Coloseum Club assumes responsibility only for property left in the cloakroom.
  • Singing, yelling and other inappropriate conduct that might disturb Coloseum Club guests or personnel is not allowed.
  • While inside Coloseum Club, guests shall comply these with the Rules for the implementation of special games of chance and Coloseum Club. In case of non-compliance with above – mentioned regulations, Coloseum Club management may, in accordance with Article 68 of the Gaming Act (Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH, No 01-3-2/02), deny admission to Coloseum Club to such guests, without having to state the reasons for such a decision.
  • Players who violate game rules may be banned from the game.
  • All rooms in Coloseum Club are video-controlled 24/7.