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Black Jack

Black Jack

Black Jack is a card game, and it takes place at the playing table. The object of the game is for the player to have a higher total of points than the dealer, as long as that total is 21 or less.

Game description

Black Jack is played with six decks of 52 cards.  When the bettor draws another card to improve his or her hand, there is a danger of busting. When a hand has busted, it is an immediate loser and the player’s cards and chips are taken away by the dealer. For purposes of Black Jack, the 10, jack, queen, and king all have the same value, which is 10 points. The other cards have  as many points as spots on the card. The ace is unique and has two different values: 1 point and 11 points. The value the players assign the  ace is at their option, depending upon cards they hold.

How the game is played
The game is run by a dealer. At the outset of each round of play, all the players get two cards face up, while the dealer gets one card face up (the upcard). If  the player’s original two-card hand contains an ace and a 10-value card, this hand is known as Black Jack, and a player holding these cards is paid out at 3 to 2, as long as the dealer does not hold a Black Jack at the same time. A Black Jack wins over a 21 total, obtained by splitting pairs.

If the points total of the first two cards is 11 or less, the player must then draw another card.

Rules for playing                                                                                
“Insurance bet”: When the dealer shows an ace as the upcard, the casino allows the players to make  an insurance bet by placing up to half their original bets on the insurance line. If the dealer has 10 in the hole and thus a Black Jack, the insurance bets are  won by the players are paid out at 2 to 1. If the dealer does not have a Black jJack, the insurance bets are lost. When the player has been dealt  a Black Jack and the dealer shows an ace as the upcard, the player can request an even-money payout right away.  In that case the cash out is 1:1.

Split ting pairs
The player may split any pair (cards of the same rank) in the original hand. When the player splits a pair, he or she makes another bet on the layout equal to the original bet on the hand.  New cards are dealt first to the left split card and only afterwards to the right split card. At most three  additional cards may be dealt to each split card. Aces may also be split, but if a 10- value card is dealt to either ace, the new hand does not form a Black Jack, but merely a 21 total. The same holds when 10-value cards are split any an ace is dealt to either 10 – in this case, too, the new hand merely totals 21.

Doubling down
The player has the option of doubling the bet on any two-card total in the original hand. After doubling down, the player is entitled to only one additional card, and no more. It is possible to double  down a bet after splitting, too.