Slot machines

Slot machines

Coloseum offers a wide variety of games on 100 playing machines, played with cash or tokens in the amounts between 0,01 KM and 1,000 KM.

Offered playing machines are:
 • Poker
 • Video slot
 • Multi games playing machines
 • Electronic roulette

Playing the games on playing machines is a great fun and it is very simple. Still, if you have any question, please contact our staff.

Working hours:

There are various types of slot machines.

The game instructions are put up on every machine in English language. The glass pane or display of the slot machine contains the winning combinations, the game value and number of chips necessary for participation in a certain game. In 2009 we introduced the most modern system used for slot machines called 'ticket in, ticket out' (TITO), which implies the use of a ticket with a certain credit value instead of chips.

Payment of awards

Smaller winnings (up to KM 400.00) are paid by the slot machines in form of tickets, and bigger winnings (above KM 400.00) are paid in cash by the personnel of the casino.

The slot and video machines for games

You start playing by introducing the ticket or money in the value displayed by the machine. By pushing the button 'bet one credit' or 'play max credit', you determine the amount of your stake and after that you press the button for the start of the game "spin reel", or pull the handle on the right side of the machine. The game starts with the spinning of reels. When the reels stop, the game is over. You need to compare the combination you got with the winning combinations displayed by the machine. If you got the winning combination, invest the winnings in the credit and continue the game, or request the payment of the winnings by pressing the button 'cash out'.

Video poker machines

A video poker is a game machine that imitates Draw Poker, the best known game in the world with 52 cards. You start the game by inserting the ticket or money in the value displayed on the machine. By pressing the button 'bet one credit' or 'play max credit' you determine the amount of your stake and press the button 'deal' or 'draw' to start the game. It is up to you to decide which or how many of the five cards you want to keep or change. A headline 'held' will light up above the card that you kept. By pressing the button 'hold' or 'cancel' you can change your decision. If you press again the button 'deal' or 'draw', all cards that you did not keep will be changed. The game will then be over. Its result or your win depends on the last combination of cards. If you have a winning combination, you have the option to double your winning amount by pressing the button ''double up'' or to get the payment of the winnings in ticket or in cash by pressing the button 'cash out'.